Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things are going well in the Savage home! Elijah has been easy on us first-time parents. He is such a happy baby! Sometimes he will just start laughing and laughing...he even snorts sometimes :) I have a greater appreciation for the video Sara sent (posted previously) because everytime I bust out the video camera to capture these episodes, he stops dead in his tracks and just stares at it- that doesn't make for very exciting footage.

Eli is getting about 5 teeth all at once (no exaggeration). He was not too happy about it yesterday but he copes pretty well, thanks to his mad self-soothing, finger-sucking skills. Everyone says he is already putting on weight. I should say so! He is eating more than double what they fed him in Africa! The worst part of his day is when his bottle runs out. He starts sucking air, and when I try to take the bottle away he gets a death grip on it and a panicked look in his eyes. So, then I have to be a meanie and PULL it from his biting down teeth. Then I have to hide the bottle immediately so that he will stop crying. It has just been the last day or two that he has actually set down his bottle or fallen asleep with a little left. And for two nights in a row, he has slept for 11-12 hours straight! I think he is finally full!

Here's Eli with Grandma:

The Schulz's gave Eli this is seriously the only toy-like object that he has shown any interest in...He is usually more amused by his hands and feet

Eli hanging with his cousins

He LOVES being around other kids!


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a happy little guy to me! I just know he's going to enjoy fishing this summer in Ohio. It is good to know all is going well for Eli and both of you and you are very fortunate Eli is sleeping well at night. We really enjoy checking your blog, the pictures are great. Its time now to give your blog a new name, "The Savage Family."

Uncle Bob

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Aghhhhh, where did my comment go?

I guess I'm not the only night owl because I wrote my comment at around 2 or 3 AM.

Anywho, those are awesome photo's and I love seeing Mrs. Savage hold her new grandson! That's awesome and a miracle.

From the beginning Jesse and I just knew that little Eli would fit right in and it seems he's doing just that. What a relief!

And Nikki, I bet you're a wonderful mother to him, hands down! Congrats for everything you've all gone through! It's all very inspiritng to us!

Oh, in the mist of all your businsess, would you be able to adjust our name that you have under sites you visit; we haven't been at that blog for over a year. We are at:

Aaaand, since ya'll are having family visitors, ask Matthew when he gets a chance to check his voicemail. Jesse asked him about flying out there in March sometime after things get more settled for ya'll. Plus March will be his vacation time. As you know, Matt is like a brother to Jesse (growing up a lot together and all)so Jesse really wants to be there for him. Of course I will be sad because the kids and I wouldn't be able to go; just Jesse.

I love the photo of Mrs. Savage holding the baby!!!! She has a new grandson!!! Congrats to all of you; I know it's been a long process, but well worth the wait.

I agree wtih 'Anonymous' above; it's excited to now give a new blog name to include Eli now. Isn't that awesome?

Jaime said...

Nikki, so happy that he is putting on weight and sleeping well. the leighows say he is one of the happiest babies ever! i would love to get to talk to y'all once we get closer to travel. Eli is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

I love to hear happy reports! Elijah is so smiley! Love it! glad he's eating well too!!

Steve and Anna said...

So glad to hear that Eli is doing well!!! That is awesome that he is sleeping so much and eating so well! Praise the Lord! David also had not had any interest in toys...hands and feet are the best for him also. I guess that is the result of living a lot of your life in a crib. Thinking of you and praying for you!

Mom said...

I'm so excited it will be less than 24 hrs. and we will be able to hold and love on that precious little guy. Of course we are excited about seeing Eli's parents also :).What a blessing for Eli having you two for parents.
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Oh Nicole! He is just precious and it sounds like things are going so well for your family. I am so excited for you all and think about your transition to parenthood often. I continue to pray for your family and for Eli's continued health and attachment! I am so happy for you!!