Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm not sure that I ever mentioned it, but we have a birthday for Elijah (when we were given the referral, we were told that he was born in March 2008 but the date was unknown). We thought we were going to be essentially making up a birthday for him, but when we arrived in Ethiopia his birth certificate and passport had a February birthday listed. He turns one year in a week! That's right- Valentine's Day will never be the same for me and Matthew :) And as Alecia's daughter pointed out- Eli will get A LOT of cards on his birthday when he's in school.

Here are the latest pictures....

I know people are probably tempted to think this is Eli's "suprised" camera look, but it's not. His eyes are always this way...seriously.

And he's sitting now! He's officially an "unassisted sitter." And a Texans fan, apparently.

Now, this is his Michael Jordan look. He LOVES bathtime. He seriously loves it when I squirt him in the face with his toys or pour water over his head. And he knows exactly how to close his eyes and mouth, and starts blowing out his nose. I can't wait to take him swimming this summer!


beBOLDjen said...

He's just SOOOO adorable!

Happy (early) Birthday Eli!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

He's such a big boy! I love the photos :)

Mom said...

Everyone that I have proudly shown the pictures of the 3 of you have said they can see how happy the parents are (of course I have shown them to about everyone I know :). Trent and Ginny (pastor and his wife) received your pictures and said how cute Eli is.
PS love the "Like Mike" picture.
Happy Birthday Elijah
Love, Grammy and PaPa

K.P. said...

I don't know what they teach them at the TH, but Levi is able to blow his nose! Very similar to the bath reaction you mentioned. Funny.

Your boy is precious. So cute!!