Monday, October 13, 2008


I have several pictures to share ...(no, none of Eli...sorry).

Here is a package that we sent to Eli. It's a blanket that we've been sleeping with and a photo album (courtesy of Dana!) so that he can become familiar with our faces and scents.

These are pictures from my baby shower this weekend:

Christy, Theresia, Judy, Tylaine (best hostess ever!), and baby Lyla who was not too excited about the photo-op. Christy brought her own mug so she could match (just kidding...I hope :)

Three generations (as if you couldn't tell!)

April, Alicia, Erin

Angie, Jesseca, Emily

Suzi, Shelley, Sam, Tarin, Jeanette

Melissa, Stacia, Heather

Sarah (whose husband made the MOST delicioso cheescakes), my mom (who suprised me by flying in!), Sherry (Matt's mom), and Vicki

Cheramy and Shelley

And since my mom was in town, we took her to Pike's Market and did that touristy stuff that you never actually do in the city you live in, until someone visits. Here's me and Matt at the restaurant where Rob Reiner gives Tom Hanks the talk about tiramisu in Sleepless in Seattle.

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Around the World said...

how fun!! we have actually picked the same name as you for our little guy...we still have not heard an update on another court we are waiting and waiting. following your blog too....