Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And this one's for Chrissie :)

Chrissie requested that I update my blog, so here I am wondering what to write...

We still have not received tentative travel dates yet, but my best guess is late November or early Decemeber.

The main thing that our agency is working on is our court date. They have to have a court date in Ethiopia, and the judge has to approve and finalize our adoption there before we can travel. So often, families don't pass court on the first attempt so our agency has decided to stop telling families when the court dates are- to save the heartache I suppose. One of the best parts of passing court is that we are then free to share all of his pictures and stuff with everyone! So the day you pull up our blog and see his beautiful face, you will know that he is officially ours!

The agency did send us an update on Elijah (that's the name we've given him- we'll share his Ethiopian name when court passes, along with the pictures). He already looks so much older! And they are taking really good care of him at the Transitional Home. But please pray for him, and all the children there, as the staff is constantly battling against pneumonia, malnutrition, etc.

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Kimberly Kulp said...

OOO, I LOVE the name Elijah! I can't wait to hear that you have passed court!