Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We received our I-797C today! (That's the approval from immigration to bring an orphan into the country that was mentioned in a previous post.) We were told it takes 6-12 weeks to receive, but we got ours in less than 2! This a huge milestone for us because it means that we have obtained EVERY piece of paperwork required. Now we have to take all the papers to the county clerk for certification and then the Secretary of State in Frankfort for more certification. It's such a relief, but now that we have all the papers in our possession I have this reocurring nightmare that our place catches on fire and we lose it all!

On another note, we are reading some books that we agreed to read for the home study. I've finished the first one called Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child. It's a good book for adoptive/foster families. It really shows you why Lifebooks are so important and gives very specific examples and instructions on how to complete them for all different ages and circumstances. I recommend it if you're trying to find motivation to get one started.


beth said...

Dear Nikki--
I happen to be the author of Lifebooks:Creating a Treasure so thanks for your feedback on my book.

I offer free tips at my website and monthly newsletters. But I also have a Special report for Waiting Families that I'd like to send to you for free.

We adopted from kazakhstan and it was tough. I was a wimp having no patience for the forms etc plus we ran into some problems....

But I couldn't find your email.
email me at

What a small world we live in. Take Care beth

Kim said...

Good news about the paperwork--I'll be praying for no fires so you can get it turned in. :)

Kristy said...

Thank you guys so much for letting us be apart of this. I get so excited everytime I come on here and see you guys getting closer and closer to the day you have your baby boy in your arms. Please know we pray for you purposefully. Love you guys!
(i know its sappy)