Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Heart Frankfort

Matt and I made the trek to our state capital, Frankfort, to have the last of the paperwork certified. We were strangely excited about the drive because it's such a light at the end of the tunnel. And it was snowing today which is just an added bonus for us Texans-at-heart.

When we walked into the capital building we were promptly greeted by a security guard who took one look at us and said "You here to see the Secretary of State?" As we blankly stared at him with our puzzled what-gave-us-away looks, he knowingly nodded at the binder I was holding and said "It was all the papers." He pointed us in the right direction and within moments we were meeting with the lady who would be certifying all our documents. She looked through them all and unfortunately informed us that two of our documents still needed the county clerk's certification before she could certify them. Just as I was about to start sobbing right in front of her, she quickly consoled me by saying that the county clerk we needed was located just a mile down the street. She quickly pulled out a map, instructed us to get the documents signed and said when we got back she would be done with our other papers. And it actually did go this smoothly! She gave us her name and number in case we need anything and asked us to send a picture when the adoption is complete. I'm so doing it! I think all state capitals should be located in small towns like Frankfort. There's no way we would've gotten out of Austin that easy!

We've been so blessed through this process. We want everyone to know that your prayers are working greatly. Even when we hit hiccups like today- the fix has been so simple. And, tomorrow, we're planning to courier all our documents to America World for final review. I won't have to worry about fires anymore!


Margo said...

YAY!!!! See, adopting internationally isn't so hard....I'm so excited for you!!! Also, any word on where y'all and your cute baby will be settling down in the future? Seattle or Houston???

About Us: said...

God is truly guiding your footsteps through this process. I can just imagine the excitement that must be fluttering in your hearts. At least there is excitement in my heart for your family. It will be so awesome & amazing (and of course full of wonderful tears) when everything is complete and you are on your way to pick up you son!!!! Any names yet or will you wait until you meet the little man? I read your post once a week to see where ya'll are at on this incredible journey and each post I read I get more and more anxious for 'the day'. We continue to pray for you. And as you mentioned in your post I believe everyone's prayers are helping pave the process along. With a hug, Jesse and Sarah