Thursday, September 13, 2007

Words of wisdom from Jim Elliot....

As Matt and I have pondered and prayed about what our "next step" in life is, I have found peace in words from missionary martyr, Jim Elliot, as written in his biography Shadow of the Almighty:

"I asked [God] earnestly for some token of guidance to be shown...Got none. It is clear to me tonight that I can do quite well without that guidance for now. God is going to give me a specific leading-not when I ask for it, but when I need it, and not until then."

"Guidance for Israel in their wandering was unquestionable. There could be no doubt if God wished them to move. Shall my Father be less definite with me? I cannot believe so. Often I doubt for I cannot see, but surely the Spirit will lead as definitely as the pillar of cloud. I must be as willing to remain as to go."

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