Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2.5 Months down

Two and half months down....and we are moving right along in the line. Interestingly, we have moved up in the girl lines and the sibling line, but not so much in the boy lines. Last time around it was the boys that were being referred like crazy. Hmmm, Eli might get his wish for a sister...

This last month was quite interesting. Our family coordinator at the adoption agency emailed to ask me to clarify our age request. It's kind of a known fact that the ever-so-innocent "I just want to clarify your request" is actually code for "I have a child that I might refer you depending on what you say." You see, we are approved for a child or two up to 5 years old. But our request is for 4 years old or younger. It was done that way so that if we were referred a child that was 4 years and 11 months old we wouldn't run into trouble if they turned 5 before we picked them up from Africa. So I reaffirmed our request for 4 or younger and...nothing. Then a 5 year old boy showed up on the waiting child list. He was adorable let me tell you. And it nagged at me. We're standing in a line of 100 people, waiting for a child. All the while I have the paperwork to adopt this boy who is waiting for a family. I stressed and stressed for two days. I couldn't sleep. Finally, after talking with Matthew, I called our family coordinator, apologized for acting schizophrenic, and asked about the boy. She said another family (actually several) had inquired about him and one was reviewing his case to pursue adopting him. I was simultaneously happy for him, relieved that I had gotten worked up over nothing, and yet disappointed that I had "missed the boat". It was just too many emotions jammed into 5 days.

But now that's over, and we're back in our line just awaitin'...knowing that God is in control and I can't mess Him up.

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Mom said...

kinda with Eli and hoping for a sister for him!like you said God is in control and either would be a Blessing!