Friday, December 31, 2010

For Reals

Alright, we finally did it. For real this time...we mailed in our program agreement and first payment for our next adoption. So we should be getting a call in a week or so telling us who our Family Coordinator is and our instructions for paperchasing. Also, our Social Worker will be notified to contact us to do the homestudy. She's a pretty speedy lady so that part won't take long, I suspect.

Even though we've done this before it's a whole new ball game this time. First of all, we're in a different state which changes things. Second, Ethiopia now requires two trips rather than one. And third, our agency now requires us to do Hague training which we didn't have to do last time. So, while I have gotten a bit of a head start on the paperchasing, I really do have to wait for my instructions.

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Rob and Candy said...

AWESOME!!!! We are sooo excited for you!
We had to do the Hague training this time too. Long but not that hard.