Monday, November 8, 2010

No movement with adoption. Much movement everywhere else!

Well, in case anyone is wondering, there is no movement on the adoption. None. We got the phone call about being approved, followed by the email with some program agreements and such to sign and send back with our first payment. And there it still sits, in my inbox.

Mostly, I think Isabelle's placement has derailed us a bit. We've got our hands full with two pre-schoolers. And though they are both very easy on us, the appointments with social workers, educational specialists, phone calls from parents, paperwork, etc. are quite time consuming. In fact, right now I must go pick her up from daycare and take her to a well-child exam that is required within 21 days of placement. But it is a blast, it is a blessing, and we love it (and her!).

So, hopefully the blog will not go ignored for another 9 months!


Dennie said...

Nicole this is so amazing. I am so happy for you all and I can’t believe you are foster parents! How wonderful! Thanks for updating, as I do not have a face book page I have been wondering about you and I am so glad to hear this news. Love, Dennie Sterbutzel

Mom said...

I so hope Izzy is there when we get to Seattle next month. Y'all are in our prayers and can't wait to see all of you and spend Christmas with you.