Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Times

So, the other day Eli and I were sitting in his room reading a book. In the middle of the story he decides to get up and crawl into mine and Matt's room (he's exhibiting signs of ADD already :) After a little bit, I start to wonder...what could he be doing in there? Ah...THIS is what he's doing:

And this is his reaction to me putting my clothes back where they belong.

And his newest trick!


Anonymous said...

2Go Eli! Can't wait to teach Eli how to kick gravel on his Grandpa's patio stones!

Uncle B

Mom said...

How exciting and sounds like Elijah thinks so also. Somehow I don't think PaPa will care if Eli kicks stones on his stepping stones, can't wait to see y'all and thanks again for the video and pictures. How precious our grandson is.
Mom and Dad
Grammy and PaPa

Kevin & Becky said...

Matthew, he looks like he is going to be a runner. He is moving quick...hope you can keep up.

Kevin and Beck

Sherry said...

Wow! Standing up from a sitting position and taking steps. That is pretty advanced. I'm impressed.

Sherry said...

Sounds like Eli is coming along great. Good to see his pictures.