Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank God it's Thursday!

Sorry for the gap in between posts.  Tuesday went pretty smoothly with the embassy appointment and taking the children back to the hotel with us.  Eli was great on Tuesday- he barely made a peep and is really a happy baby.  He loves kisses and giggles anytime he gets them from anyone!  Wednesday proved to be a rougher day.  We were supposed to take the kids and go visit the orphanages that they came from.  Unfortunatley, I spent the day vomitting, and Matthew got a brief glimpse into the life of a single parent as he ventured out with Eli without me.  He said the first orphanage was so hard to see, and the kids who came from there did not seem to respond well to the visit.  And since Eli was having blow-out diaper, after blow-out diaper he decided that he would pass on visiting Eli's orphanage.  I was still sick when they returned but Candy gave me a magic stop-vomitting pill that put me to sleep for 12 hours and I am now awake feeling much better.  Matthew and Eli are sleeping and both are pretty conjested and dehydrated.  My bag never arrived (Julia and Janet- I got your packages to your kiddos on Tuesday. Fortunately they were in our other bag that did arrive).  I am definitely glad we kept our expectations low for this trip!
So today we are pretty much just relaxing until we head to the airport at 7pm.   We're ready to be home!

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God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Congrats to all three of you!
Wow, it sounds like such a big, but quick trip. Sorry to hear you were so ill; maybe it's all the anxiety or maybe it's something unfamiliar that you ate from being in a foreign country?

Anyway, glad you're doing much better. Jesse and I can't wait to see all of the photo's you post. Jesse feels so happy for Matthew and is thinking about (in a couple months after ya'll get settled) flying to see his best buddy Matt, you, and Eli. And of course Matt's parent's (who Jesse call's Mom & Dad #2).

So can ya'll believe you finally have your baby now??!!?? The one you longed and prayed over for so long? That is so amazing and awesome! God is really good! To Him be ALL the glory!!!

Jesse & Sarah

chris said...

Matthew and Nikki we are SOOO looking forward to meeting Eli!!!! Finish Strong you are alomst home!!!

The Redman's said...

Oh Man! Praying for health and strength for the trip home!! Can't wait to see you at the airport and meet little Eli!!!!!

Mom said...

Thank God y'all have Eli and are heading home with your son today.I so wish we could be at the airport to greet the Savage Family :( when you get home. Praying all 3 of you are feeling better and will see ya in a couple of weeks.
Take Care and God Bless,
Love as Always,

Jaime said...

We are crazy excited to see pix of you 3 HOME!!!

Janet said...

Wow, that seemed like a really fast week! Thanks for bringing a package to Isaac for us. Hope you get home safely...praying for all the new adjustments :)