Monday, October 27, 2008

It's confirmed...

Our son is the cutest baby ever!!

So, here’s the scoop. A couple weeks ago, a girl that we have never met before was visiting Ethiopia and spent some time at our agency’s transitional home where Eli is. After her visit, our agency asked for permission to give my contact info to this girl who had fallen in love with Eli and had some pictures to send me. Of course, I immediately responded “yes!” So, I got an email from her saying:

“Rachel wasn't kidding when she said that I fell in love with Elijah! Those big eyes just captivated me and I couldn't resist holding him at the transition home every day”

Okay, so I know she didn’t exactly use the words “cutest baby ever” but that’s my interpretation :)

All delusions aside…later that day, I was praying for Eli. I prayed the same prayer that Matthew and I have prayed hundreds of times: that he would be well-loved until we can get to him. As I uttered the words, it dawned on me…this prayer had been honored! God sent someone I’ve never even met before, from the States to Ethiopia to love on him! And as if that wasn’t enough, this beautiful person took it upon herself to contact me and bless me with pictures- she never had to take the initiative to do that, and I wouldn’t have known the difference. I believe God wanted me to know he was listening.

I said that this happened a little while ago, and the reason I'm just now mentioning it is because I hesitated to post about it...I just didn't know if everyone else would see it as miraculous as we have. But today I was reflecting on this process and reading my old posts, and I read the one on 7/27. I literally used the words "please pray that Elijah is well-loved" and realized that perhaps you have been praying the same thing. Far be it from me to rob God of his glory!

How many times can this one adoption humble me to tears? Infinitely so, I suppose.


ethiHOPEia said...

Ahh! I love to hear stories like this. So glad you've had someone love on your little one and send you pictures! What a blessing.
Hilary Forrest

Kim said...

So great! Gives me goose bumps to hear how God is at work. :)

Kristy said...

What a wonderful God we serve! Nikki I am glad you shared this, We will continue to pray for your family!

Mom said...

I say Eli is the cutest grandbaby ever and he is constantly in my prayers.
PS So is his Mom and Dad