Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've got a job

I forgot to let you all know that I found a job (notice how I said "you all" rather than "y'all"??? I'm already being altered by the culture!)

Anyway, I found a job as an in-home therapist. Basically, I get referrals from the state agency to go help families that are in need of help for various reasons- they could be a foster family with an out-of-control foster child, they could have safety concerns in the home that need to be addressed, they could have a developmentally delayed/disabled child that they don't know how to parent most effectively, etc. I started a little over a week ago, and so far so good. It's very flexible and allows me to basically make my own schedule.

Oh, and this is random, but I needed to let a few people know that Grey's Anatomy is actually not filmed in Seattle. So, I am unable to stalk any McSteamy's or McDreamy's for autographs. But if I ever find myself in Hollywood I'll do my best :)

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chris said...

Hey Guys,
Mari here. I just wanted to tell you I pray the foster families know about your program. I think it is wonderful of you to work with the families. We have been foster parents for 8 months and if I would have known about a program like that I would have joined.