Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two Months Down!

March was a long month! I naively thought that it would fly by. Matt has been in Seattle all month, while I am hanging behind in Louisville. I had a weekend trip to Seattle, a wedding, and packing up the apartment to keep me busy. But being separated from my husband made the days go by so slow. (Hmm, I just read that back and feel the need to clarify that we are not "separated." We are just in the process of making a cross-country move.) The good news is that Matt comes back to KY on Monday. We will finish packing up and then make the long drive to Seattle sometime next week.

The other good news is that we have two months down in our adoption wait, which leaves us with 3-5 months to go! We are getting closer, but still- it is quite amazing to me that women can grow an entire human being in their uterus quicker than I can bring one home from Ethiopia! It literally makes me marvel at the wonders of what God can do!


Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Only 3-5 more months....alright! How is Seattle?

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the 2 of you actually the 3 of you. Hope and pray all goes well willyour move and can't wait for our grandson. Will be mailing an afghan next week when I mail Ananada's sweet 16 charm can you believe she will be 16 next week.

vinceandalisa said...

Hope your move goes well!! By the time your good-n-settled, it'll be referral time!!
Alisa, YG