Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dossier being sent to Ethiopia tomorrow!

I heard from our family coordinator today that our dossier has been reviewed, certified and authenticated. It is being FedExed to Ethiopia tomorrow!

Once again, we have to praise God for getting us through one more step smoothly. I had felt fairly confident, after having reviewed our paperwork a billion times, that it was all in order; but you never know. So, I was so relieved to hear that it had been reviewed and passed inspection, so to speak. Plus the agreement from our agency says that they have a week to review the dossier, then three weeks to certify and authenticate it- totaling a month. Ours was done in less than a week!

It is so humbling to know that God is guiding all of our steps and meeting all of our needs. It's amazing to think He is ensuring that we complete all of our tasks at just the right time so that we are brought together with the child He has chosen as ours.


Rob & Candy said...

Congrats on having your dossier sent to ET!
Candy (awaa)

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Hi Savage Family!!

We are the Caldwell family from London, Kenucky- I saw one of your comments on the Bowman's blog, and noticed that you are in Louisville!! We are in London, Kentucky, and our dossier just landed in Ethiopia a few days ago!We are requesting a boy under ten we could very well be traveling together!! Feel free to visit our blog:

Karen said...

Hey guys!! Our dossiers are in the same FedEx box together! Two KY families in one box, how awesome. And only one week behind the Caldwells!

Exciting times. :)

Jill Coen said...

Sounds like you guys could have a KY get together! Just wanted to say congrats on your paper baby being on its way to ET. It's a great feeling!!
jill (aw family)

Jen said...

Happy (belated) dossier travels to you! I am not sure but I think our dossiers were sent together to ET.

There have been so many people on
the YG it's been hard to keep up these days. Just wanted to come over and say hello. We could possibly be travel buddies one day!