Thursday, December 27, 2007


We had a great time spending Christmas in Texas with our family and friends. We ate great (pot roast, Jesse's prime rib, Pappasito's, and dessert galore at mom's). And we made out like bandits. Among many things, mom and dad gave us a video camera to take to Ethiopia. But in the meantime, we used it to video our precious nieces. Here is a preview for Gary and Sherry who were unable to be with us:
Brionna wanted to sing with her new karoake machine, but she didn't know any of those silly "wheels on the bus" or "if you're happy and you know it songs." So we had to put on Fergie for her. But those pesky dogs are all in her way!

When Genna was asked if she wanted to make a video for Grandma and Grandpa, she jumped at the chance! But she is used to video-phone so she was a little confused about why she couldn't see them at first. But once she got the hang of it "The Genna Show" was on! Be prepared for some serious rambling, Grandma and Grandpa! This is only the first 2 minutes of some serious 3 year old chatter!

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