Monday, November 19, 2007

Shout out to Keriann!!

I want to publicly and personally express my gratitude to Keriann who has done three very important things regarding the adoption:
1) She let me drag her to my bank to notarize my employment verification. And when my bank was closed she took me to her bank- on her one day to flex out of work early.
2) She completed a reference form within about two hours when I had to ask her to make up for our other references who are totally slacking (Yeah, you know who you are!!!)
3) She was the very first person to say "congratulations" to me when I said I was adopting. I know that sounds so simple, but adopting is a funny thing. When you say "I'm adopting" people tend to say things such as "Oh, that's neat" or "what made you want to do that?" I rarely hear "congratulations" the way that a pregnant woman would.

So, thanks a million Keriann. The most meaningful thing I can think to do in return is to ask everyone reading this to pray for her fiance's safety while he fights for us in Afghanistan and prepares to return in January.

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Keriann said...

Wow! I had no idea that doing what came so naturally would leave such an impression. But, having Dan away at war, I can surely understand how simple, everyday thoughtfulness can mean so much. For instance, you and Matthew are some of the few people who ask how Dan is doing on a consistent basis. As time passes, I feel like others forget he exists, much less how difficult this experience has been on me. So, let's call it even. That's what good friends do, we take care of each other. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help speed your adoption process along. I can't wait to meet your little person. The sooner, the better!!!